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Taxi Transfers from Zadar airport to Split

It is easy to book a taxi online between Zadar and Split. We offer taxi transfer from Zadar Airport to Split for reasonable rates. You can make your taxi booking at the time that is most convenient for you. Just use our online forms, call us or mail us your details so we can schedule your ride. We will keep you informed as to your driver and taxi status so you know what to expect. Our airport transfer services are available for parties of 1 to 16 people. We can take your party to any and all locations including hotels, marinas, restaurants, campsites or other destinations.Call or send a text message to our mobile phone: + 385 98 536 591 Order Taxi!
ultra europe festival 2014

Ultra Europe Festival 2015

The Ultra Europe Music Festival is one of Croatia's major attractions for travelers around the world. We offer a direct airport shuttle to Ultra Europe Festival in Croatia for sun seekers and music lovers alike. The Ultra Europe Festival is a celebration of electronic and dance music featuring artists like David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack, Armin van Buren and many more world-class DJs. The festival takes place in Split, an important transit and commercial center for the Dalmatia region. Our Zadar to Split taxi services are highly skilled at navigating the network of freeways, expressways and avenues around the city.


The City of Split

Drivers are fluent in English, German, Italian and Croatian, making it easy for you to understand and be understood. From Split, you may take either a bus or a train to your travel destinations. You may also choose to take a ferry from the Port of Split, the third-busiest port in the Mediterranean. Coastal routes run daily to coastal cities in Croatia and Italy as well as the Dalmatian islands.

Convenient Taxi Transfers

Our taxi transfer from Zadar Airport to Split gets you where you need to go efficiently and with ease. Drivers may be able to advise you on where to go and how to enjoy yourself in the Dalmatia region.

If you're making the journey from Zadar to Split using our airport shuttle to Ultra Europe Festival in Croatia, we have inexpensive rates, convenient scheduling and friendly, competent drivers able to take you wherever you need to go.

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